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So for some reason I am having difficulty using the camera. Our LINK detects color blobs perfectly well during the time that we test it under the Channels section, but when we actually run a program, it doesn't recognize any objects. I used the workshop code just to make sure it wasn't me, it still didn't work even though I put the object right in plain view of the camera.

I tried different cameras and both ports, not sure what the problem is. Any suggestions?

(Here's the code:)

  1. int x, y;
  2. camera_open(LOW_RES);
  3. camera_update();
  4. printf("\n\n%d\n\n", get_object_count(0));
  5. camera_close();
  6. while (b_button() == 0)
  7. { // run till B button is pressed
  8. camera_update(); // process the most recent image
  9. if (get_object_count(0) > 0)
  10. {
  11. //get x, y for the biggest blob the channel sees
  12. x = get_object_center(0,0).x;
  13. y = get_object_center(0,0).y;
  14. printf("Biggest blob at (%i,%i)\n",x,y);
  15. }
  16. else
  17. {
  18. printf("No color match in Frame\n");
  19. }
  20. msleep(200); // give user time to read
  21. }

-amehta (Andrew Mehta)

Jeremy Rand
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I haven't used the Link's vision libs yet, but is there a reason why you're calling camera_close() before calling other camera functions?

-Jeremy Rand
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There are three reasons I can see that your robot would be doing this:

First, you need to make sure that one of the camera configurations on the Kovan is selected as the default configuration, otherwise camera_open(LOW_RES) won't open any configuration, and no blobs will be seen. Selecting the default configuration is done on the screen that shows a list of all the .config files you've created. The current default configuration (if there is one) will have a star by it.

Second, camera_close() should only be called if you aren't going to use the camera anymore or if you intend to reopen it with a different resolution like MED_RES or HIGH_RES. As a result, any camera function called after you close the camera won't work.

Third, there was a bug on older firmwares where camera_update() didn't retrieve the most recent frame until the third or fourth call. I'm not sure if this still happens on the newer firmwares. Other than that you're code should be fine.

Norman Advanced Robotics

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