Camera Bounding Box Functions

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We're trying to use the camera to find the bounding box of certain blobs.

According to the docs:

get_object_bbox [Category: Vision]
Format: rectangle get_object_bbox(int channel, int object);
Returns the bounding box of the given object on the given channel as a rectangle data type. For example,

  1. rectangle mybox;
  2. mybox = get_object_bbox(0,2);

However, when we try to run this code, the rectangle object is not found.

If it's relevant, we're using the CBCv3 with link firmware 1.9.5 and KISS IDE 4.0.5

Has anyone had success with using bounding boxes with the CBCv3?


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Try these two things:

1. Instead of rectangle, try struct rectangle.
2. Try manually including #include <kovan/geom.h>

If those don't work, paste your entire program and I'll try running it locally.


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