cbc_printf formatting in CBC v2 display

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the cbc_printf() function seems to scroll the display of the CBC. Is there a way to better control the function for neat output to the screen? The following simple example works but causes the display to scroll, the display will 'fix its self' each iteration but not neat. Also after several passes through the loop, the cbc_printf() seems to output an additional new line that scrolls the screen. Thx!

  1. int main()
  2. {
  3. int i = 0;
  5. cbc_display_clear();
  6. cbc_printf(2, 1, "Title Here 0123456789");
  7. while (1 == 1)
  8. {
  9. i++;
  11. cbc_printf(2, 5, "i=%d", i);
  12. cbc_printf(2, 3, "time %f", seconds());
  13. sleep(5.0);
  14. }
  15. return 0;
  16. }

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Unfortunately, due to the way the "console" is implemented in cbcui, it isn't possible to clear. The "clearing" done right now is kind of a hack, as you've noticed. I don't think there is a function that gives you more control than cbc_printf. There are ways to start a program over ssh, which would give you correct output on a remote terminal, since ssh is a full blown terminal emulator, but that is beyond the scope of what KIPR supports.

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I imagine it shouldn't be too hard for a hacker to add this functionality. Anyone want to become the 6th Botball hacker (after Jorge, me, Farz, Matt, and Braden)?

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