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um im a new programmer, and im last minute programming our create robots, but i dont how to program a create. could some one provide basic commands such as driving straight, turning, and driving back wards. please and thank you. :D

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First off welcome to the programming family :D and some basic codes are as follows:

  1. int main()
  2. {
  3. create_connect(); //CBC connects to Create
  4. create_drive_straight(500); //Create drives staright at 500 speed and it can drive backward just change 500 to negative
  5. sleep(1);
  6. create_spin_CW(450); //Create spins ClockWise at 450 speed
  7. sleep(1);
  8. create_spin_CCW(450); //Create spins Counter-ClockWise at 450 speed
  9. sleep(1);
  10. create_disconnect(); //CBC disconnects from the Create so that it wont move after the alloted time limit by accident
  11. }

If you have any more questions please ask away or you can go to the program window and open up help and click on manual. :)

-From firetiger5