Existing libraries in the LINK controller

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My team and I are brand new to Botball, and to the C language, and I am wondering a couple of things still, after having browsed the internet, this forum, and asked multiple questions here at the Oklahoma Botball Kickoff.

What C libraries are already included in the botball IDE and the LINK controller?
What "commands" do above-mentioned libraries allow for, and what do they do?
Is it possible to insert my own libraries for commonly used functions, and if so, how?

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Hello, and welcome to Botball!

There are a number of commands/functions the you can use that are already included, look at the Target Manual for more information. It's really helpful. (Under Help)

It is possible to make your own libraries and functions. There was a good explanation on functions in the workshop slides last year (I'm not sure about this year, I haven't gotten the slides yet) in "Activity 5: Conditions and Functions".

If you need more specific help, let me know.

-amehta (Andrew Mehta)

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Official documentation will be included with KISS IDE 4.0.2 (due out at the end of this week.) To access, go to Help->Documentation.

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