Floats acting silly

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This one's got me stumped:

  1. #define ETtolerance 370
  3. float i;
  4. i = ETtolerance/analog10(7);
  5. printf("%f \n",i);

I loop the printf and math part, and move my hand closer and farther from the ET in port 7. But it only either prints 0.0000 or 1.0000. It seems to be rounding, but that is a float value... should it be doing that? I'm trying to get a decimal ratio of real distance to set distance but I can't do it with just a 1 and a 0.

Is there something stupidly obvious with the code that I'm missing, or is it just a limitation in C that division won't yield decimal floats?

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He means we should have more practice tables.

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Dividing two ints will always yield an int. You can either make it 370.0, or typecast the dividend or divisor to a float.

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