Getting the text of a program off the LINK?

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The old CBC stored the actual text of programs downloaded to it and you could easily get the text of the program back off if needed. I had a rogue student delete other students files from their flash drives. The programs still reside on the LINK. I can easily SSH into the LINK but cannot find the source files of the programs, only binaries. Is the text of the program clobbered when the LINK compiles the .c source as it appears the binaries are also named .c.

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I can't help with that, but I was wondering how you ssh into the link? What is the login and password?

EDIT: nvm I was playing around and found it. I'll see if I can find where it stores files

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Hi David,

Apologies for this. We will have a utility built into KISS IDE soon for getting files off of the KIPR Link. In the mean time, run this program with a flash drive plugged in:

  1. int main()
  2. {
  3. system("cp -R /kovan/archives/* /kovan/media/sda1/");
  4. system("sync");
  5. return 0;
  6. }

That should put all of the clobbered archives on your flash drive. If you email me a clobbered C archive, I will extract it and give you back the C file. You can find my email in my signature. Alternatively, email


Braden McDorman

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Reach me at bmcdorman(cat)kipr(dog)org where (cat)=@ and (dog)=. if you need assistance of any kind.

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@Mr. Culp, I realize this is slightly off-topic, but have you considered having your students use version control? It would be a lot harder for a malicious student to wipe a Git repo than to wipe a flash drive. Flash drives are disasters waiting to happen.

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