glibc detected : double free or corruption

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I wasn't entirely sure which forum this should go in, so feel free to move it as necessary. (If you can do that here, I don't know.)

While trying to run a program using the light sensor to turn on, and color sort with the camera, it started giving a lot of errors including "glibc detected : double free or corruption." Googling the problem returned with memory problems (usually in C++ based Linux systems). Later we tried to access the camera, and it crashed. Upon resetting, it hasn't displayed this error again. My assumption is that it was hardware related. Should I be worried; is the memory failing or something?
Any insight is appreciated, thanks.

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Make sure nothing else is accessing the camera. Ensure no other program is running at the same time and that you're not viewing the camera (from the Sensors -> Camera section) while running your program.