Hat Sensor moving for a begineer

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Hello Guys I'm a new programmer but a fast pace learner (good).

Today I was at the Botball competition saw some really good ideas using the sensors. It is my first time and i did not try hard enough.
So now I am home and I was reading how to use the hard sensor but i still don't know why my robot stops.

It has only one motor for two back wheels and a servo for a front wheel.
This is the passage which I read.

"int main()
while(1){ //loop forever
fd(0); //drive motor
while(analog10(0)>512){ //if sensor detects an object
ao();} //stop motor

When it starts the wheels move for like 0.1 second and then it does nothing I don't understand what the while does and I'm trying to make it go forward until it finds an object like a wall and then reverse from then I can start playing around making it go in different directions.

So if you guys need more feedback I will be glad to give them.

Doing science.

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Your code is telling the robot to turn off motors (ao();) while the sensor value is greater than 512.
I think you want something like this:

int main()

// Notice the brackets in this next line: tells bot to keep doing nothing while statement is true
while(analog10(0) > 512){} // keep looping while the sensor value is above a threshold


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