IC XBC Firmware Student Edition

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Jeremy Rand
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Take a look in ICRobot.h. Find this section:

  1. //#define AUDIO_AHH
  2. //#define AUDIO_BLUE
  3. //#define AUDIO_HOKEY
  4. //#define AUDIO_MUCHACHA
  5. //#define AUDIO_OUCH
  6. //#define AUDIO_PRADO
  8. //#define AUDIO_DEATH
  9. //#define AUDIO_INTRO
  10. //#define AUDIO_MUNCH
  11. #define AUDIO_SIREN
  12. #define AUDIO_WARNING
  13. //#define AUDIO_READY
  14. //#define AUDIO_GO

Only SIREN and WARNING are enabled in the source code I uploaded. This is because .wav files eat up a large amount of space... enabling 5-6 sounds can double the size of the firmware binary. While this isn't a big deal if you're updating firmware via Cport (which is lightning-fast), serial firmware downloads get annoying if you have to wait for all the sounds.

Anyway, try the SIREN or WARNING sounds. If I recall correctly, they should work with just that callml. You can enable others by uncommenting those defines, running make clean, and then recompiling.

I think I may have a .ic library lying around somewhere with functions for all those callmls... would you like me to hunt around for it?

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Jeremy Rand, are you still active on this forum?