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Could you suggest an free IDE ?


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(Assuming you mean other than Kiss-C) I use linux, so I may not be of much help.

  • I have heard that Notepad++ serves as a nice light-weight IDE.
  • Geany and Gedit are available in Windows flavors. If you decide to use gedit, I would suggest the gmate plug-in set (as seen on on github), although it may require some use of cygwin and manual setup to get working on windows.
  • SciTE is very nice, small, and cross platform, but requires massive amounts of work to configure to your liking. (although it is the most customizable text editor out there)
  • The E-TextEditor looks nice (I love TextMate on the Mac), and is relatively inexpensive as far as IDEs go. (although I understand you want free)
  • A lot of people like Eclipse and NetBeans, but I find them kind of bloated due to their dependence on Java.

    Asking on these forums for a generic question like this might not be the best place to start. I would suggest StackOverflow. They have a lot of questions and answers for questions like this. See:

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    I find gEdit bloated due to it's dependence on C. I would recommend emacs. :P

    But in all seriousness, programmers notepad is awesome on windows.

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    Try Codelobster PHP Edition. It is the best free PHP IDE now.