Including files on the Kovan?

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When I #include libraries on the Kovan, it says it can't find them on compile. They are in the same directory as the main program and yes the name is right. Is this a bug Braden?

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Can you provide some example source code which triggers this?

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Yes, this is a known issue (and there's actually a decent reason why it's not a trivial fix). Basically, KISS IDE 3 would run the C preprocessor on the computer before downloading, which would include the files, but also break any sort of #ifdef platform-specific blocks. KISS IDE 4 doesn't compile the C file at all currently. For single files, we will probably end up manually parsing for includes and package them up during download behind the scenes. Once the project system in KISS IDE 4 is complete, however, this will be less of an issue. Getting this fixed is a very high priority, but so are a lot of other things unfortunately.

As a work-around, you'll need to use a flash drive and include with absolute paths to the flash drive. Yes, I know this sucks.

Please bear with the software for a few more weeks. I promise it will improve as soon as possible. Alternatively, the device is currently not locked down *at all*, and can be easily ssh'ed into via wifi. There are a lot of things that need to be done, and unfortunately I am only one person that is also a full time student for a majority of the year.


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