KIPR's 2D Simulator 4.0.5 wont connect

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Hey everyone, this is my first year with botball. I've been trying my hand at some of the activities from the workshop, and I was able to use to the simulator no problem. However, this was only when I simply did printf("hello world"); when I tried the other activity that actually utilized the simulator, not just the console, I started to get errors. My Target is set to the simulator, when I click run, it says "Connection Failed!" Now I can't even run the Hello World one. I tried troubleshooting it myself to no avail, so I ask if anyone here is able to help me get this working once again.

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If you can see the simulator window, and, after loading a program, you get the simulator icon as a target, then you should be able to run the program on the simulator. If it still fails to connect, contact KISS 405-579-4609 and get direct help.

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