Kirby's Tribble Challenge: Free GBA Game Developed with IC

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Jeremy Rand
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Hey guys, I was digging through my old files and found something I thought I'd share. Zac Jennings and I created a GBA game several years ago using the IC firmware. In Kirby's Tribble Challenge, you move Kirby around the screen trying to pick up as many Tribbles as possible within the time limit. It's a relatively simple (but fun) game, but the exciting part is that it is the first ever GBA game released as a ROM that was written using the Interactive C firmware! Play around with it in your favorite GBA emulator or flash cart (it will even work with your Xport!), and see if you can get a higher score than your friends!

Beta 1 still has a bit of a flickering problem, which I may or may not be able to fix. Thanks to Fahrzin Hemmati of La Jolla High School for contributing some firmware code. Thanks to KISS Institute for Practical Robotics and Charmed Labs for creating Interactive C and the related libraries. Kirby is a trademark of Nintendo, and was used without permission. Tribbles are owned by CBS Studios, Inc., and were used without permission.

You can download the zipped ROM at . I tested the ROM in VisualBoyAdvance and on my Xport.

Post any comments here, but be aware that I don't intend to release any updates, and I'm not actually sure where the source code went. :-(

-Jeremy Rand
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I remember playing this ages ago..

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