KISS and CBC Firmware source

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Source code for KISS and the CBC firmware are now available, check out for information about where to get it.

Please remember that using any homebrew CBC firmware on your CBC may void your warranty and brick your CBC. This is intended for curious users who either want to modify the firmware or who are just curious about how it works. Happy Hacking!

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YAY!!! Thanks guys for all of your efforts!

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Jeremy Rand
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Thanks Jorge! We looked through the source code briefly and couldn't find the CBOB firmware source code anywhere. Is that included? If not, will it be open-sourced in the near future? I know you obviously don't want to support mods to the CBOB, since it requires disassembling the CBC, but we'd really like to play with the CBOB firmware for next year.

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Awesome! Thanks for doing this.

Jeff Chan
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The BOB source code is now also available, along with the KISS and CBC Firmware. It's in the CBC Repository under the 'bob' directory. BOB stands for Break Out Board.

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Yeah! Summer project, this should be fun, thanks for doing this.

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NICE!! I know that my team's software department's going to be more than interested. Thanks guys!

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The source code's great. I know my team's going to benefit from it.