KISS IDE 3.1 Demo

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Hey guys,

I've been working on KISS IDE 3.1 for about half a year now, so I thought I'd put together a video demonstrating some of its high points. It's still pretty unstable, as you'll see in the video, but that's because it's almost a complete rewrite of KISS IDE 3.0.

Watch the Video on Youtube (Watch in 720p fullscreen for best results.)

In the video:
- dynamic JS plugin injection
- Project system
- Compile options for projects
- New documentation tab
- Error Log (pretty much a cout redirect, but it should be helpful on windows.)

If you have any feedback or any feature suggestions, now would be the time to ask. KISS is still in major limbo, so it is easy for me to rip it open and add features.

I expect to release it this summer, hopefully before GCER.

Braden McDorman

Braden McDorman

Developer of the KIPR Link, KISS IDE, KIPR's 2D Simulator, and CBCJVM.

Reach me at bmcdorman(cat)kipr(dog)org where (cat)=@ and (dog)=. if you need assistance of any kind.