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I am working on forming a new botball team for our elementary and middle schools. Kids are K-6 and have no prior programming knowledge other than few kids with EV3 & Scratch.

Should I invest in KIPR kits or Lego EV3?

Thanks in advance,

Jesus Arzapalo
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You posted this in another thread, please don't do that it just looks like spam.

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Hi Tina,

I worked with a K-6 team this spring, and we used the KIPR kits. Our team was all 3rd-5th grade, and they used C to program the bots. They did pretty well, and were able to complete a number of the challenges for the Oklahoma competition given only a few practice sessions.

This year I plan to continue with the KIPR kits and start practicing earlier in the year.

Hope this helps!

Ryan Hoegg

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