Reporting KISS IDE and KIPR Link Issues

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Hey all,

KIPR has set up a bug tracker for bugs and feature requests related to KIPR's computer and controller software. If you notice an issue with any of our software, please file a bug report to let us know. This is often the only way we will know about the issue.

To access the bug tracker, navigate to You'll need to create an account by clicking "Signup for a new account".

If you have any issues creating an account or filing bugs/feature requests, please post a message here or email me (address in signature.)


P.S. Jeremy, it'd be great if we could get this link on the IRC channel as well.

Braden McDorman

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Jeremy Rand
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I've added it to the IRC. Sorry for the delay on that; I'm recovering from an unpleasant case of food poisoning.

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