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Ashwin Chakraborty
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I have looked on the KISS site and KIPR site but could not find manuals to program sensors. I am not looking for an individual sensor but a site that gives me access to these programs. Thank you.

Harrison Cassar
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I have sent a reply to this, however it just keeps being taken off. I sent a message to you of the post. I will try to repost. Thanks!

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The botball forum is a great place to ask all your questions on sensor programming but, if you want slides on how to program the sensors you could get the workshop slides and the sensor and motor manual off of the 2013 Team Home Base. Also, the help screen on the KISS IDE interface has some information on programming (C syntax in general). On the workshop and sensor and motor manual, they have common functions listed and there are suggestions for how to use to sensor. But, I highly recommend asking questions on the botball forum. Cause, I mean, Jeremy is such an avid responder. (No sarcasm in the statement)