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Dear Community,

I'd like to make our robot sort objects more specifically, the poms) by color, so that it would take the, say, green to one side of the board, and leave the red. I have seen the other topic for this, but I haven't seen any answers, so I thought I'd ust post again.

Thanks greatly in advance,

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I mentioned this on IRC, but thought I'd put it here for anyone else looking.
This is only applicable to those who know C++ and are willing to delve into OpenCV.

I'm almost always available on IRC/Chat to answer questions.

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thank for putting it here.. even i didn't find it anywhere else.

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The problem I have with this is that it would be very difficult to program. You'd need to know what colour each object was, and then code a way for the robot to pick up those objects. Also, try photography PowerPoint templates for better designs. I'm not sure if there is a better solution, but if you want to add this functionality, I may be able to help you out.