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Is there a symbolic constant defined so that I can conditionally compile code for the simulator? Is there one for the Link?

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I'm not 100% sure, but I think this will detect that it's being compiled for the Link:

#ifdef __arm__

You can use #ifndef instead of #ifdef to instead compile only for non-Link environments (e.g. the simulator).

Note that ARM-based devices such as Windows RT and Android devices will be detected as Links (although I can't imagine why you would be running the KISS-IDE simulator on Windows RT or Android).

If this works, please let us know.

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I can confirm that  #ifdef __arm__ works. I used it for a while with the link.

You can also check for windows if you want to do that by:
#ifdef _WIN32 I believe.

I used this to import the libkovan from KIPR's github so I could use codeblocks.