Wondering about switch to Python

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In years before, I used C to code the robots. Now that my team is switching to Python, I was wondering where a list of functions could be found in Python or a Botball teaching on Python. If not, do you just convert previous functions to Python formatting?

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Not a bad option at all because many popular site like google and YouTube are using it and and if you are interested in the field of cyber security than you it is must learn language for you and besides that there are many online resources from where you can learn this course but for that you need to have a good internet speed because buffering problem will make you frustrate and this is the reason that i changed my internet and switched to u verse internet and now i son't face these problems anymore, anyway there are many sites like Udemy, Cousera, edureka from where you can learn many technical courses.

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I think convert will work gmail sign up Did you try it ?

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