Create Connect Cables Constantly Breaking

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Recently we've been having problems with Create Connect, and it seems that the connect cables are constantly breaking. We have gone through 3 cables in the past 2 weeks, and the connect cables aren't going through any physical stress that could cause them to break. Are there any known issues with the hardware or software that could be causing these problems?


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I saw a Create cable die at the Oklahoma Botball Help Day, despite never seeing one die before since the Create was introduced in 2008. Maybe the 2013 cables are more fragile?

For what it's worth, in previous years KIPR ruled that it was legal to fix such broken cables by soldering, as long as you didn't change the length or functionality of the cable. If you have someone on your team who's good with soldering, you might be able to avoid having to buy more cables from KIPR. Note that you should verify on the Home Base FAQ that this is legal in 2013 before you do this.

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the 2013 cables do seem to be more fragile. We did put ours under some stress through placing the KIPR link on the counterweight to the crane that was created, however. The older cables do still work with the link though, and once the 2013 cable died, we plugged the previous year cable in and it lasted through GCER. if you have any older cables laying around, they are still quite useful. Just make sure you match the red wire in the same direction as how the 2013 cable's red wire is facing!

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You could try to be VERY careful. For an example wrap it in bubble wrap over night. I also have been struggle with the same problem, my group has just been careful and not jamming it into the wall. I am not saying you are jamming it into the wall at all, just be very careful. Anyway I hope this helps and have a good day!