Mounting the Microservo

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Hello there,

We've been wondering, how are we supposed to be mounting the microservo? We have been using U-Glu for it, but we want an alternate and more... stable way of mounting the device.

Any thoughts?

- Kota Weaver

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Have you tried the zip-ties?

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Don't you think that could be against regulations and result in an immediate disqualification.The reason I think this is because your not suppose to use zip ties as structure they're strickly to hold wires.


Jeremy Rand
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Hi Botfan, welcome to the Botball Community.

I don't believe I've seen that rule in the 2011 game rules. Can you post a small quote of the PDF or the FAQ which contains that rule?


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For us, it was fairly easy to mount the microservo.. We simply lined up some short technic beam-thingies (The smooth beams with holes through them) so we had 2 on each side of the servo, and then inserted 4 lego axels through those to connect them. Then we used the large bushings to compress it all together and hold the servo in place. This also makes it super easy to connect to other parts of the bot.

If you require high torque and are afraid of this falling apart, you can put some Uglu in there. (We have never needed this, and IMO, they should include Crazy Glue, not UGoop, because the stuff is absolutely useless in everything that it does)

Just my 2 cents.

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U-Glu is often unpredictable so I would advise against using to keep a piece in place


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I've found that U-Glu has the tendency to speed up how quickly a mini servo burns out since it can act to keep heat in. This has at least been the case at Fletcher.

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Combine the 2 options instead, use zip ties first followed by U-glu, that will give more secure.

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