Solidwork vs AutoCAD

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Which CAD design program should I get? AutoCAD or Solidwork. I haven't done extensive research into these two software, but, from the little information that I have, I feel like Solidwork is not available to whoever wants to buy it. AutoCAD on the other hand I think is available to people who would spend the money to buy it. I don't care that much for how expensive it is. I would like to know which one can create complicated designs and such. Thanks.

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Hey YuSheng. Here is a website where, just like you, someone asked about Solidworks vs. AutoCAD:

Hope this helps!
(It sounds like the majority of the people on there are saying that they are two bad products to compare to each other because AutoCAD is old but has a "large, experienced userbase of customers" and Solidworks is favored by many people in the posts for various reasons.)