New Team Tracker Update

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After months of development and testing, a new Botball Team Tracker is live! This marks the first GCER 2013 update. A partial list of changes is as follows:

*Much improved loading times (down to near instant for fast computers
*It now works on phones (only tested on Android, but iOS should work too)
*Firefox now works (except for some minor sorting issues)

Seeding changes:
*The standard deviation has been replaced with the coefficient of variation (this lets you properly compare variation for teams with different mean scores)
*A Z Score column was added. This column is a representation of the overall performance of the team in seeding (taking into account both score and variation) = (Zscore of mean + Zscore of coefficient of variation)/2. If you want to know which team did best in seeding, look here. It's 1 number that says it all.

*winner id and name columns have been added so you can easily find who won
*If we don't have a score for a DE round but we know who won, it will simply display "Win" and "Lose" for scores and appropriately assign the winner to the winner columns

*Alliance support was added

*Real-time overall score calculation was added. If you want to know where you stand in the overall rankings, just look (We won't get documentation scores till after the tournament has ended, only Seeding and DE in real time).

*Cleaned up a bunch of the data

*Added capability to import released KIPR scores

Major thanks to Daniel Goree of Norman Advanced Robotics for helping me with the math for DE Rank calculation, Dr. Tracy Foor of Norman North High School for a great year in AP Statistics which made this whole project possible, and all the Botball Live volunteers for the data.

Check out the new Botball Team Tracker at or click the link at the top of the site.

-Marty Rand


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