Relatable programing problems

Hello again! It is yet another WednesTAE*!!!

ToTAE, we made progress on a program--flicking a small ball up (called Olive Garcia), for it then to go behind the robot.
While trying to compile the program, we realised there were many typos!! It took us a long time to figure that out.
Currently we are still trying to fix the program, as it does not travel in a straight line ect.

Advice on universal claw


This is Amanda, from Southern California, I have a question for the more advanced botballers. I have a universal claw which is going to stack and I wish to have it stack, but sadly the claw doesn't have any grip and it ends up not grabbing anything.

Any advice?

Thank you!

Off Season Botball preperation game

This is a game I created for teams to possibly do during the off season this summer/fall.

The game uses the field materials from last years game which keeps the costs to a minimum.

This is a great beginners game to introduce new members to the Botball experience.

Jake Hall