I Need to Know How to Attach and Use a Linear Slide.

I do not know how to attach, use, and program a linear slide. I would love to further my understanding on how to use them. In order for my part in the double elimination for gcer this year, I need to extend my arm to pick up botguy and all of the yellow blocks.

Relatable programing problems

Hello again! It is yet another WednesTAE*!!!

ToTAE, we made progress on a program--flicking a small ball up (called Olive Garcia), for it then to go behind the robot.
While trying to compile the program, we realised there were many typos!! It took us a long time to figure that out.
Currently we are still trying to fix the program, as it does not travel in a straight line ect.

Hacking the XBC Firmware: Programming the XBC in Standard C++

Hacking the XBC Firmware: Programming the XBC in Standard C++, Parts 1 and 2
Jeremy Rand and Fahrzin Hemmati
Norman High School and La Jolla High School
jeremy DOT rand AT ou DOT edu, fahhem AT berkeley DOT edu
Proceedings of the 2008 Global Conference on Educational Robotics at the University of Oklahoma.