Teams Going to GCER

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Just wanted to start a forum dedicated to teams going to GCER. So far I know for a fact:
Malden Catholic
Cedar Brook Academey
Nease High School
Norman High

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The official list of teams that are currently registered is on the International Botball Tournament page. That gets updated every couple of days.

Logan Cox
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I'm glad to hear that Nease is planning on coming! They aren't registered yet!

Marci Corey
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Two teams from Evergreen will be going =D We'll register as soon as possible.

Anyone planning a DC tour before the conference starts? We're having our tour June 27th through June 30th.

Jeff Chan
Evergreen Valley High School Robotics

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This year my team is submitting about 8 papers, My teacher is requiring a submission from everyone. However, I have no clue what mine is going to be on this year.


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